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Our company takes its beginning in 2004, when two of our principals Telman Gasanov and Aleksandr Vasilyev decided to try working together in the engineering field. 

Although they had been lifelong friends, they had pursued different professional paths in life, but engineering eventually brought them back together.


After several years of practice, working on multiple notable projects like Hamad Airport in Doha and many large governmental projects in Turkmenistan, Alexander and Telman started their independent engineering practice and built their first team. And after just a few years the team grew up in about 30 engineers and architects.


In 2010 Telman spends a few month in Vancouver, Canada, designing 26000,sq.ft mansion. After returning back to Ashgabat and discussing the opportunities with Aleksandr, they have decided that Telman will move to Seattle, WA to open new horizon for the team, while Aleksandr will keep developing the team in Turkmenistan.

In July 2011 Telman moved to Seattle and stated college classes, focusing on building performance. After a year of studying, he gets hired to BEE Engineers to the junior Drafter position and made an agreement with the owner that he will be able to start energy consulting in a couple years.


In 2018, after a few months of preparation to reunite, Aleksandr arrived to Seattle to start ATVAGA with Telman. June 27th, 2018 ATVAGA officially was started. Giving the name to the company, was one of the most challenging tasks. Out of the acronyms of Telman and Alexander's names, they were able to build a deep meaning, that translates as "courage" to English.


In August 2018, Telman and Aleksandr opened thw first office in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. 

They started hiring people and soon made a big team.

While Telman was working in the US, Aleksandr stayed in Turkmenistan and was managering the Ashgabat team 


In February of 2020, Telman and Aleksandr realized that they need more space to grow the company even bigger, so they started thinking about a place where they could open another office. 

After some discussions Telman came to Ukraine and decided that this was a perfect place for a new office.


The team was growing very fast and soon  the discission of ATVAGA  branching was made.

That is how ATVAGA Energy was created. Telman and Aleksandr decided to stick to three main engineering support directions: MEP, Energy and Green


In April of 2023 ATVAGA Energy was officially registered in Seattle, WA.

this was a very important step for us and we are proud to be an official American engineering support company.


ATVAGA Energy has a long history and we are so proud of how big we have grown, what team we have made, what projects we have done together and what's more, we are very excited to face all the new opportunities and challenges that we will have in the future!

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